Aah, Fall has arrived!

Anyone know a good Crackberry mechanic? Kellie was trying to use hers to submit an e-Event RFP and her Blackberry couldn’t handle it and it melted in a stinking glob of goo. Bob suggested that a permanent attachment with some sort of neural link would be a good idea, but Dr. McCoy made the trip back in time in 1986.

GPS on the cheap
Does anyone remember when GPS devices were $3,000? Delphi is set to release the pocket size NAV 200 that retails for only $349! For those that hit the road all the time like…Sean Miller…it almost pays for itself if you don’t get the never lost system in your rental.

Atari Nerds Celebrate
If you know someone that actually thinks the graphics from the old Atari 2600 is gaming at its finest then you can wrap up the Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii in wrapping paper with Space Invaders graphics on the paper. Luis, back in the old days we used to play games on a console with fake wood paneling. Oh, and those are switches and they really did work…most of the time.

Puma Mongolian BBQ
I’m not kidding! They really built a website that works like you are headed into Genghis Grill to “cook” up your own version of a Puma shoe. It will take 5-7 weeks, to get your masterpiece delivered. It will run you $130 but the ridicule of strangers is priceless.

News from Apple
Lots of good news from the Apple front and yes I saw the eyes roll Virginia. From the business side of things according to one source the market share for Apple is up 24% over last year.

On the product front there are some new additions, or rather updates. If you haven’t picked up an iPod now is as good a time as any. The shuffle is smaller, cheaper and holds more tunes: 1GB for $79. The nano comes in three sizes. 2GB for $149, 4GB for $199 with four colors available and the big one comes in black and sells for $249. The bigger iPods now come in 30GB and 80GB and sell for $249 and $349 respectively. They nano and larger iPods have better battery life, brighter displays and the nanos now have a metal enclosure.

You can now buy movies along with TV shows from the iTunes Store. The quality of the videos has improved to look pretty good on your standard def TV. They didn’t mention anything about HD quality but I think it is safe to assume it will be coming sooner rather than later.

And finally, Apple was kind enough to post a report about how the productivity of workers goes up when the have large widescreen displays. The report comes from Pfeiffer Consulting. The major findings: high res displays can lead to measurable productivity and efficiency gains, it isn’t limited to graphics and video pros but even office applications and these displays can lead to a ROI of several thousand dollars per year. I used a 24” Dell and 17” Apple display on my G5 and it was a dream! In fact we just picked an inexpensive 19” widescreen LCD at home and Amy loves it!

Nike News
Virginia is sold on the new nike + iPod integration and it looks like there are a whole bunch of other people that are too. So far users of the site have logged over 1,000,000 miles. I’d call that a success.

Amazon.com Movie/TV Downloads
Amazon just announced Unbox Video Downloads. You have to use their software to watch the videos and you can’t burn a copy to DVD. The pricing is similar to iTunes.


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