Are you INSPI(RED)

Today you may see some press releases about the (RED) campaign. This is the effort that lead singer of U2, Bono, is backing. He is supposed to be on Oprah to announce these things. So I’ll beat Oprah to the punch albeit with much less fan fare.

To learn more about (RED) there are tons of details on the website. Basically it is Bono’s mission to get companies to develop special products that said company could donate a portion of the proceeds to help fight AIDS, TB and Malaria in Africa. Central to the idea is that people like you and me that want to donate to something like this can team up companies and contribute through the purchase of special products. Like what?

iPod Nano
With the new colorful iPods that were just announced comes a special PRODUCT(RED) version that is, duh, red. It only comes in the 4GB version and costs the same as the other 4GB models which is $199. Apple will donate $10 for every (RED) iPod they sell.

The Gap has some limited edition products that are actually pretty cool. They are going to donate half of the profit from each of the products to (RED). My favorite is the RED motorcycle jacket seen here, but not available online. If Steve Speilberg can make it work…

It’s time to replace those old Chuck T’s sittin’ in the back of you closet. While the idea of Chuck Taylor’s might sounds very 80’s to some of you there did you know that the original Chuck Taylor’s came in black and was introduced in 1917? 60% of Americans have owned at least one pair of Chuck’s. Now there was a big hoopla about the “Made in the U.S.A” label being removed when the moved production to China, but c’mon their Chuck’s. Prices start at $47 and there are several to choose from in hi, med or lo tops and you can even customize a pair as part of the campaign for $60. I’m so in! When is pay day???

Emporio Armani
As the name suggests it is going to be a pretty serious purchase if you want to dive in. I’m sure Mr. Miller will head out to Willowbend Mall or swing by the store in BH to pick up some slick threads.

American Express (UK Only)
If you happen to live in the UK you can get your paws on a special Amex Card that is red. 1% of everything you spend goes to (RED). Pretty cool but it is kind of weird seeing a red Amex card.

Hello Moto…
The good peeps at Motorola have some phones that you can buy into. If you live in the UK you can take your red Amex and buy a red SLVR. If you are in the US you can purchase a red RAZR V3i. The also have something called Studio RED that will have some exclusive content, although at this point it is all Scissor Sisters…meh.

Certainly more will come, but it is pretty interesting to see some big corporations jump on the bandwagon.


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