Dell Battery Recall

What a week Jon Benet mystery solved or unsolved and then solved again? Who knows, but the guy sounds like a crack pot to be sure. Add to the “cease-fire” in Lebanon, three Texas Rangers suspended for fighting the Angels the other night and Dell laptop batteries burning holes in peoples’ desks. I didn’t have an opportunity to bid Beth a fond farewell so in her absence I will only mention that Beth is moving on to other opportunities that include marking office plants with safety tape in an effort to prevent sprained ankles. I guess she really had issues with that plant outside her door. I can’t say that I ever moved it but, I would question others motives in this building.

Apple Fanboy News
Rather than bore you all with the details that you don’t care about I will quickly mention a few of the new updates from Apple. First off they recently previewed their new OS 10.5. It will be released in Q1. I’ll give a better overview but suffice to say they are making some fantastic improvements in how users use their computers.
The biggest news was on the Mac Pro computer. This thing is a work horse and unless you are doing animation/video/high end graphics/research etc it is like buying a having a gradma using a Porsche 911s to drive to church on Sundays. But it still makes me drool… They use two dual core Xeon processors..FAST!

Smartphone check-in
Marriott is testing a system to allow users to use their Windows Mobile smartphone to check-in. The system requires users to download some software to the phone/device that will allow them to use the kiosk to check-in. Users can also change rooms, confirm rates and get welcome information. The hotel is in Redmond, Washington…home to Microsoft….hmmm.

Oops…There goes my phone
Those of you without rugrats may not have had the pleasure of seeing your cellphone make the spiral spin of death as it looks for a nice place to lodge itself in the plumbing just beyond reach of anything sanitary…Kellie your day will come! Of course the hassle is the whole contacts getting re-entered into the phone and how many times do you just enter contact information directly to the phone? aims to ease the pain by moving everything online. Yahoo is trying to do the same kind of thing, but Zyb has the jump. To manage everything online is free. If you want synchronization with Outlook as well as a couple of other bells and whistles it will cost a little more.

Real-Time Flight Tracker
You may have seen services that let you track inbound flights or let you know when a plane lands. How would you like to see everything flying around on a map? This site gives you just that! I selected LA since they are pretty busy. You can see which planes are landing, leaving or just passing by. What practical purpose this serves is beyond me but it is kind of fun.

Real-Time Sat Tracker
Don’t like planes? What about satellites? Ever wondered where the Hubble telescope really is? Check this site out. Most of the satellites I’m not familiar with but you can watch the path and track it. The site also provides good deets on the altitude, speed, lat/long etc. If you sign up you get access to more user friendly stuff like finding out what is passing over your head right now!

Like to Draw?
This isn’t exactly new, but there are some people out in the world that swear by Adobe Illustrator. These guys are GOOD. Here are some links to photorealistic images that these designers cooked up. It is amazing. (I think this one is safe for work)

iPod Alarm Clock
I’m not knocking the Hilton Alarm clock, but it doesn’t exactly work like expected. However, this alarm clock is a dock for you iPod so you can charge it up whilst you rest. So now Mike can awaken not to birds and passersby on the street but Christina Aguilera or Sonny and Cher. $80 for the magic.

I think we’re due for some Ajax goodness so stay tuned!


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