Diversion Time

Did everyone have an opportunity to check out Kathy’s WebEx? Kathy claims to have no advanced knowledge of employee rates at the WAC properties that were recently added, but I’m willing to bet my Slippery When Wet Tour program guide autographed by Jon Bon Jovi that she will hook me up! J

LED Graffiti
This site refers to a little research project where these guys made little LED lights. Basically the setup is and LED light, battery, magnet and tape. Then you jus throw them high and out of the reach of passersby. I’m not sure how this will play out with environmentalist if people end up throwing batteries all over the place.

Yahoo User Interface Gallery
Yahoo came out with a great site that includes their standards and code for different standards they employ on their sites. For example they provide different examples of their calendars and when to use certain types of calendars. Not only that, but they were kind enough to provide the code to actually implement these things. It is a great place to brainstorm.

Google Pages
Google released yet another “beta” this week. The newest in the beta collection is for a basic html/web page creator. For what it is the tool seems to be fairly simple but it works. For lack of a better comparison it is a lot like power point. It is amazing the number of tools meant to get people a web presence.

Crackberry still crackin’
The good ole’ Blackberry is still rolling thanks to a judge choosing not to implement a mandatory shutdown of the service. He has yet to provide the final decision on this mess, but the Crackberry will still live as RIM the company that make Blackberry devices and hosts the service came up with a plan to get around the patent in question. Basically what it comes down to is a company that exists for the sake of holding patents claims to own the patent technology that RIM uses for delivery of email to the devices. This same company is now going after Microsoft which is really starting to push Outlook on it Windows Mobile devices.

In Apple’s World
You know by now that I like Apple products. So this coming week we get to hear about “fun new products” from Apple. Speculation from the rumor mill is a new tablet based iPod video or Mac Mini media center or perhaps more Intel based machines. Who knows, but the 28th will bring something fun, no doubt. And for those counting, over one BILLION songs have been downloaded from iTunes. The lucky person scored a new iMac, 10 iPods and a $10,000 iTunes credit!

The screen grab above comes from a demo for a site called flyspy.com. The site is not live yet but when it goes up I’ll give a much more detailed review of what is what. Basically the departure date is listed on the bottom of the chart. On the left is the price of the fare. Basically you get a quick snapshot of the cheapest days to fly for the trip. I’m not sure how the fares are retrieved and what if any options are available but we’ll probe that question after it goes live.


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