Is the air on? Seriously, is it?

I don’t know about you but it seems like there is a fundamental flaw in the building code if the parking garage 30-40 feet below ground is over 100 degrees! Ugh. We all know it is hot and the good ol’ air conditioner is getting a serious workout. Lanie was able to report that the temperature finally dipped below 80 degrees this week! Meanwhile the Grigson household is well above that, it makes the kids slow down! Just kidding…

Travelodge goes mobile
Just to prove this isn’t always about geeky tech stuff I found a great concept from Travelodge in the UK called the Travelpod. They are going to provide portable tent/hotel room. ₤26 a night will get you a “luxurious” bed tables, lights, duvet, pillows, carpeted floors mirror and fully functioning bathroom. Should be on the concert/festival circuit next year.

Lighted door handle
Here’s a great idea. A door handle with little LED lights inside that is either red or green depending whether the door is locked or not. Pretty fun idea, but it costs $440!

Go Green let’s all hug some trees
With all of the internal talk about Al Bore’s movie I thought I through out some ideas on how you might help save California the world. First up, an electric car that can actual move faster than a turtle on acid. The Tesla Roadster claims to cost about one cent per mile to operate and can go from 0-60 in about four seconds. If you don’t keep up with car junk, that’s pretty fast the Porsche 911 does the trick in about 4.6 seconds.

More green can go in your pocket if you have the room for the wind turbine on your piece of the USA. The Skystream 3.7 could be the answer to your mounting electrical bill. The advantages of this unit are that it can connect directly to your home without the need of storage batteries like most systems need. Excess is sold back to the electric company and if you’re luck they will cut you a check! They recommend you have a steady stream of wind and at least an acre of land.

Can have a huge wind turbine in your hood? How about solar shingles? These shingles install in similar fashion to existing shingles. Of course you need an electrician to help out. You can do the whole roof or just part of the house.

Need a new monitor?
I just bought my wife a 19” widescreen LCD to replace the gargantuan 19” CRT monitor she used for her computer. I managed a pretty good deal for less than $200, but if I had my choice I would have picked up this guy. For under $400 it is a 22” wide screen display from Acer that can handle a healthy resolution of 1680×1050. Now that number may not mean anything to you but you may have heard about HDTV. HD is either 720 lines or 1080 lines vertically. This monitor, and others like it on the market cut off 30 pixels. Unless you are a pixel fiend like myself you will not miss anything. This is a pretty slick price.

Eames Film Festival
I’m sure many of you recognize the name from the popular chair. But did you know that Charles and Ray Eames also made some movies? You can catch this unique opportunity to see some of their films this month and next month. The closest they get to Dallas/Memphis is St. Louis though. But there are several chances for you left coasters.

Sony says no to Plasma
If you had dreams of owning a big plasma TV with Sony emblazoned on the front you’re running out of time. Sony says they are done with plasma and will focus on LCD. Not bad considering the cost of making LCD’s is cheaper and they are also opening another panel production facility which will likely lead to even cheaper LCD prices in a year or two. Look for good deals on monitors and TV’s this fall.

Have a great weekend and keep cool.


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