Isn’t “par” a relative term?

Good afternoon everyone! I don’t know which I would prefer the 100+ degree days in Memphis and Dallas or the threat of wildfires and earthquakes in SoCal. Regardless the weekend promises to be “cooler” so we get a brief respite from the heat. In honor of the 4th Annual Mack-Man Invitational Indoor Golf Tournament I spied some golf gadgets.

BTW, I was thinking the name for this tournament is too short so how about: 4th Annual Mack-Man Invitational Indoor Golf Tournament Back-to-School Benefit of School Supplies That Will Provide Necessary School Supplies for the Children that Participate or are Otherwise Involved in Big Brothers & Big Sisters in the Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex Chapters.

Radar Golf Ball Finder For a mere $249 you can buy some golf balls that can always be found. When you swing away and slice one of those long drives into the rough somewhere between holes you can reliably find your ball by using the radar finder. It uses a series of beeps to indicate you proximity to the lost ball. I don’t know if it is worth it since you can buy a whole bucked full of used range balls for way cheaper than this system but it sure looks cool when you’re digging in the bushes for that wretched ball.

The Golf Ball that Floats How about a golf ball that floats, not in water, but thin air? Of course it is just a magnetically suspended ball, but it would look great on anyone’s desk but mine.

Smart Swing Club Sometimes you see a gadget and you think, DUH! This club has circuitry in the club that will allow you to download and analyze all sorts of information about your swing on your computer. You can look at the speed, angle, rotation and more to help make you a better golfer. Plus it uses wireless connectivity to hook up to your computer. Oh, yeah it costs about $650!

To Tivo or not to Tivo You may have heard that ABC is not real thrilled with people skipping past commercials. But what do they care about us consumers? Tivo is FINALLY getting around to dropping version three of its DVR. What is so special about version three? Glad you asked. The biggest news is the support of HDTV which Tivo has not supported and cable systems have. The system will also feature dual tuners but in reality it is 6 two cable, ATSC(HDTV over the air and regular old NTSC, CableCARD and also allows for external hard drives. Look for this big guy in September/October barring any production issues.

It’s HOT outside, have you noticed? Honda is going green in a recent effort to cool one of their plants in Ohio. They are using two 450 ton chillers to make ice at night that will cool the air all day long. Kind of pricey but it should pay for itself in three-four years.

8GB iPod Nano Samsung has started making 8GB storage chips that could replace the 5GB storage chips that reside in the iPod Nano in the near future perhaps August. Did you know that the first iPod was only 5GB way back in 2001.

iPod Killer from Microsoft Coming soon from Microsoft is the Zune. Hey, I don’t make up the names. This is supposed to be the one device to rule them all. Rumor has it that the device may include all sorts of things like support for satellite radio, Xbox 360 support, WiFi connectivity, community updates(think mobile myspace), wireless music transferring and it is supposed to have it’s own type of music download service that may or may not support the existing Microsoft music store. More to come to be sure!

Cinema Now and Movielink: Burn DVD’s Cinema Now and Movielink allow you to download and burn movies to DVD if you so choose. Of course it is for select titles which means crummy old junk, but it is a step in the right direction. Titles start at $8.99.

Have a great weekend!


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