Late, Early and Way Late

With all of the holiday craziness I have pulled a mega Friday fun for the remainder of the month.

Article: The Post Consumer
First, a two part article from Valerie Casey Creative Director with frog design in NYC. The gist of the article is that good design is disappearing faster than the dinosaurs. If you look past some of the design doom and gloom and look at the consumer trends she mentions I think there are a couple of interesting thoughts about this “post consumer” notion. People are more comfortable with modification and personalization. This customization idea is nothing new, My Yahoo, My MSN, etc. Related to modification, I saw an article this week where someone shows how to add a dock to the new Xbox 360.

Article: Power to the People
I enjoyed this read and this is a nice balance for the previous articles. This is another argument that we need to consider the user and their use of the site in making decisions. I do not think this is an issue for us in general. We are all concerned about getting our users the best experience possible, but this does highlight some things that are useful in presenting our case to those that rely on our expertice. Unique Search
I ran across this next site in an AJAX blog I read. The site uses flash and AJAX and was highlighted at a recent conference. I’ll admit the usefulness of product searches by the methods they employ is not terribly useful, but they are fun and engage the user in exploring. The search options are on the left side of the page.

QuickTime 7: HD Content
On the Apple side of things it seems I’m the only fan around here so I thought I would give you something to look at that is not Apple specific and will work on a PC. Quicktime will support High Definition content. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you haven’t seen HD content and your monitor and computer support the requirements you can enjoy some sample HD content right on the desktop. Please note that these files are pretty big. You may need to update to Quicktime 7 if you have not done this already. Before anyone asks, Windows Media Player has HD content too. Much more graphic and processor intensive that last time I looked.

Broadband Over Powerline
TXU will begin to roll out Broadband Over Powerline in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area next year. The speeds will be similar to DSL and Cable. This isn’t new technology but there have been some hurdles to getting this working without affecting HAM radio operators. This means you Internet connection will come through an electrical outlet, how crazy is that?

Google Zeitgeist
At the end of the year Google takes a look back at significant events and you can spend a few minutes looking at how topics spiked during the year. This qualifies as a time waster! 😀


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