New Browsers are Here!

If you haven’t been to Memphis recently everyone has moved. The two exceptions are Mike Villanueva and Jeremiah Allen, I guess Mike’s prime real estate by the busiest door on all of Memphis is not up for grabs after all. Should you find yourself in building C allow about 45 minutes without and escort or map. It took me half a day just to find bathrooms in Building C.

IE7 Available Now
Several people have asked if I have updated my explorer to IE7. The answer is no. Some of the web applications that we play in like IITS, TeamSite and a couple of others don’t like IE7 or Firefox. Until those tools are updated I don’t think I’ll make the switch. There are a couple of things to note about the new browser that will affect us and our users. First of all the download is voluntary now, but will be available in Windows Update in a couple of weeks. That *should* mean that we will see IE7 show up in our logs with some regularity. The second thing is that we could see more people looking at Firefox as an alternative. So what’s the big deal? Tabs (finally), better security, new interface and a few other tweaks to get it running right.

Firefox 2.0
Firefox 2.0 was also released this week and it worth the download. The new version has improved support for tabs, a “refresh” of the interface, inline spell check(!) and support to resume your browser session after you exit the application. Firefox is still my favorite browser. It is easy to use and also has TONS of extras that people have developed to make the browser more functional.

Opera does show up in our logs and on so far this month the number comes to nearly 15,000 visits. This really amounts to just over 0.12% of the total visits to The advantages of Opera have been more or less incorporated into IE and Firefox. The main difference now is the way pages render. There are some nice tools to manage file transfers and notes among other things. If you are looking for something fun to try out it is worth a look.

This is the default browser for the Mac. It is developed by Apple and isn’t a bad browser. There are a couple of other options for Apple users, but most people are pretty content to use Safari. One popular alternative is Kamino a version of Firefox optimized for Macs.

Browser Stats
So I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Who cares, everyone uses IE anyway.” It is a majority to be sure. Here are some examples of usage for the month of October.

IE 89%
Firefox 9%
Safari 1%
IE 88%
Firefox 7.5%
Safari 2.75%

NGB Portals
IE 79%
Firefox 14%
Safari 5%

My Tivo Needs More Space
If you drink the Tivo Kool-Aid but despise deleting or having shows removed so you can record the Disney Monday Movie every week here is an interactive guide if you’re ready to get more hard drive space. If you want a little more direction you can get a full upgrade kit from WeaKnees and they will send you a new drive and all of the goodies. If you really want it hassle free for an extra $50-80 they’ll do the trick for you. They also offer upgraded storage for the new Series 3 HD version as well.

Flying Toasters is Alive!
No one cares about screen savers any more, but someone with too much time on their hands decided to resurrect it.

Nerd Shirts
There are always some great nerd shirts out there and in honor of the great fall festivus, Halloween, why not mix nerd with all hallows goodness. The first one up is “Cursors that Kill”. “Ghost Cameras” is kind of fun too. My favorite from this shop isn’t really about Halloween, but the “Exploding Turntable” is pretty cool. A little lame is the glow in the dark winking ghost shirt. Here is the “Magic Missiles Kill People” shirt and you get bonus points if you are the first one to give me the inspiration for this shirt.

Porsche Loves Flash
I can dream. And I do, but this car is amazing. The biggest drawback is that it costs more than a house or the fact that neither of my kids would even fit in the backseat. The new flash site gives users a virtual lap around the track. You can select from three different views as you make your way around the track. There is the wheel camera, an over the shoulder shot of the driver and the default view from the chase car. You can also download some MP3’s of the car!

Wise Cracking Search Engine
Tired of the nameless and faceless google? Give a shout to Ms. Dewey and let her guide your search across the Interwebs. She is a bit of a smarty pants, but it is kind of fun. She has some pretty good wise cracks when you put in certain key words. It is hard to her to repeat them so I can’t give you a good list to start with, but I’m sure you grown-ups will think of some key words that will draw her ire.

…And Finally
Remember the Space Invaders wrapping paper? Who knew there was a whole cottage industry around the classic game? I’m always on the lookout for some great cufflinks…just kidding. I’m looking for some new coasters for the office. Perhaps I should bust out a jean jacket from the high school days and add some buttons. Ahh, the perfect birthday gift for my non-gamer wife! I can’t read Japanese but I’m sure Bob will want eAdvantage and e-Events ready soon enough, but until then I’ll dream about this alarm clock. I was thinking though, our master bedroom could really use something…unique. Since I mentioned the fresh kicks from Converse there must be some shoes out there and sure enough here they are! Of course you can find t-shirts and tape. All because the game is now 25 years old, all things old are new again.

Have a great weekend.


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