Special Monday Edition

The world cup is getting exciting if you are not keeping up with what is happening. Brazil lost to France in a 1-0 loss. It was a pretty good game overall and the goal was amazing. On the same day Portugal beat England(sorry Lesley) in penalty kicks after going scoreless the whole game.

On to the goods…

SIMILE – A click and drag timelineLeave it to those kids at MIT to come up with something like this. I’m sure you have all see timelines to indicate some sort of historical reference in an easy to digest manner. The link will take you to the demo page where you can see the JFK trip to Dallas and resulting Oswald events. It could use some better support for imagery especially for the history of Monet.

FTTH – Feed The Turkish Hens? FTTH actually mean Fiber-to-the-home. Verizon has a service called FIOS and now AT&T is finally getting their product out there. It will be called U-verse. No, that isn’t a typo that is really what they are going to call it. Ugh. Anyway these two services run a fiber optic cable to your home and you can have you TV, Internet and Phone through one device. Oh, wait that cable right? Fiber Optic cables can provide WAY more data than your standard coaxial cable:

384Kbps – DSL $24.95
5Mbps – U-verse/FIOS $34.95
1.54Mbps – T1 $550-1200
1.5Mbps – DSL $49.95
15Mbps – U-verse/FIOS $44.95
30Mbps – U-verse/FIOS $179.95

A TV show in the hand is worth… MobiTV has just announced that they are offering a service that will stream TV shows to your Windows Mobile device for a mere $10/month. They have all sorts of channels you might find yourself watching while waiting for that next flight, see channels for Cingular here. With out discount the unlimited data plan for Cingular is $38.24 a month. You can also get this service for laptops(in select locations), cell phones and Palm PDAs.

Network Attached Storage Looks like more and more options are available for NAS devices. Think of NAS as a hard drive accessible on your home network that isn’t tied to a specific computer and shared by everyone. This is how Mike V. might want to share is Wilco collection on the home network and not have to be on a specific computer (or other networked device) to access the music. Obviously it could also contain spreadsheets, pdfs, pictures, videos, etc. You could also use NAS to backup you computer(s).

Ah man, I can’t get rid of this Yoda on my back Someone finally made a Yoda backpack that is truly geek! This back pack looks like Yoda is just hitching a ride on your back. And no, I will not be wearing this to work!

Near Miss Some of you may have heard that last night an asteroid passed near us. It was a mere 269,000 miles away.

Competition This one comes by way of Bob Brooks. Sheraton is working the social networking idea and have come up with an interesting take on things. The first inclination is to dog it, but try to look at this with an open mind. I don’t’ know if it will be a success but it is interesting to see them make this step.


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