This is not an e-Clips email


I’m just kidding around about the e-Clips emails. They have some pretty interesting articles. It is a beautiful day in Dallas and hopefully everyone else has the opportunity to enjoy some fantastic spring weather this week. This week we have big news from the E3 conference where there is big news from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Google also came out with a couple of new things this week that are pretty interesting. Welcome to Lanie Mock! This is her first week in Providence Towers and we are excited to have her on the team.

Google Desktop Version 4 There is a new version of Google desktop available and I have really enjoyed the previous version and the desktop search is fast. New in version four are desktop widgets like Apple and Yahoo. They have also added some addition features and recommendations based on your profile. The number of widgets available between the different applications is quite amazing. I’m surprised more companies have not done more in this space.

Google Trends The other big news from Google is a new service that will let you look at trends in search terms. This link shows the results for “Hampton inn”. You will notice a timeline on the upper left that and the letters correspond to a news article. Below the graph is a list of US cities by default. It can be expanded or refined with the navigation options just above the news article. This is just Google results where with our own WebTrends service we can refine the data in more detail, but it is still a nice tool.

Sony PS3 Sony announced the details of the new PS3 game console this week. Prices are going to be between $499 and $599 depending on which configuration you opt to purchase. The specs on these game consoles make our desktops look like door stops. The $599 version will include a bigger hard drive, wifi, a card reader and HDMI output(this is for HD and Blue Ray DVDs). The other specs are pretty impressive. See here for more details.

Nintendo Wii I don’t know where they pulled the name from and I’m not sure I want to ask, but that is the name of the next Nintendo game console. The strategy for Nintendo has been to engage the players through game play and suck entire families into the abyss of gaming. While the specs are not as jaw dropping as Xbox 360 and PS3 the price is much better at a rumored $249. The bigger news is the controller that looks more like a remote control and comes with an attachment called a Nunchuck. I have attached a picture so you can try to make sense of this thing. I’m sure the kids will love it.

Xbox 360 Most of the news from the Microsoft group was mostly about games that will look really good on their system and accessories. The HD-DVD player attachment was one of the ones people are curious about. No details are available other than to say it is coming, but this whole Blue Ray/HD-DVD things is a giant waste of time and money in my opinion.

AT&T/Cingular Proving what’s old is new again it seems that SBC doesn’t like the name Cingular and has decided to kill the brand. After Bell South spent about $4 Billion to create and build it. You may recall SBC bought AT&T wireless several years ago and then Bell South merged with SBC and now AT&T wireless is back. So I guess our special deal we have on HiltonNet will change.

Gyro Bike Some Dartmouth grad students developed a gyroscopic bike attachment that helps kids learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. The idea is genius. Kids tend to turn their bike wheel in the direction they are falling and then tip over. The gyroscope turns the handlebars the opposite direction helping kids learn how to adjust the bike as they ride. They suggest you can teach a kid how to ride a bike in as little as one day.

Philips Shaver This is a PG-13 site due to “Austin Powers” style humor. It is a funny site but the thing that blows me away is that a company like Philips would actually publish this site. It has worked quite well as it even made a Yahoo Daily Pick. One of my former colleagues passed this along as we tried to imagine how the agency pitched and sold this to Philips. The site uses the same video codec in flash that was used for the Pepsi game I sent in the last message. The product is designed for men that wish to “shave all body zones. The link is:

HDTV in Hotels
LodgeNet is expanding its offerings to around 160,000 rooms this year. Good news for HDTV fans. It is such a shame to see a nice HD monitor in the lobby or even in the rooms showing a way-too-compressed digital cable of standard definition. It’s nice to see things are changing.

Apple Ads I know I’m a fanboy, but the new ads from Apple are pretty fun. My favorite is the Restarting ad.

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend.


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