Was that a week that just flew by?

I guess that really was a week. Next thing you’ll tell me is that next week is February! 😀

Maps Part 2…
You may remember one of these emails referenced some new mapping techniques that take advantage of Yahoo and Google. Since that time I have to show you what Bill and company are up to at Microsoft. They also use satellite imagery like Google’s maps that allow the user to zoom in on the location you want to find. The difference is a “bird’s eye” view using airplanes to take pictures of a few selected cities. Here is a link to the Hilton San Francisco. Here is another link to a popular Vegas locale.

Tags…What are they?
Here is a link to Yahoo’s version. For Yahoo they use tags to help you collect pages you find online with your own custom description and keywords or “tags”. This allows you to organize your content as you see fit. One interesting feature of this method of saving your found content is that your tags will vary in size depending on the number of times you use certain words. The more you use a word the larger the font will appear on the page therefore making it easier to find words that are used more frequently. Yahoo’s idea is also useful in that it can be accessed from anywhere and allows for sharing with no one, everyone or just a social network you define.

Apple makes the switch to Intel
I know I’m an Apple fanboy, but Apple recently announced the switch to Intel processors in their laptops and iMac series. What does this mean for us? Nothing really the OS is the same, but more people will look into the Mac if the tech guys out there can figure out how to boot OS X and Windows XP or Vista(when it is released). I did want to show you a cool little thing Apple did with Quicktime. On the main product page they have a little animation of the new iMac that looks pretty neat. I can’t get the file size but even in Dallas it loads pretty quick so it must be pretty small.

Low Tech
From the world of what could have been comes an article about an electronics manufacturer. Yorx was based in New Jersey in the late 1970’s and earned high praise for a compact record player. Some of you might remember those things. Anyway, the troubled saga of how the company went from something special to maker of cheap radios is a short but interesting read.


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