Welcome to 2006

Welcome back to an exciting year to be sure! I hope you had some time over the holidays to explore some of the URL’s from the last email between the sugar cookies and chex mix. It was nice to visit Memphis and see everyone. Mike took care of the obligatory BBQ trip and promised fried chicken next time. I think I better get a cholesterol check before my next trip.

On to the goods…
This is the time of year when gadget news is all over there place due to CES. The Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas ever year and is HUGE. There is no shortage of sites where you can read about your favorite gadgets, so we’ll keep moving.

Yahoo made a big announcement at the show and even enlisted the help of Tom Cruise and Ellen DeGeneres. The site you will want to reference for this new suite of services coming from Yahoo is: http://go.connect.yahoo.com/go/home

Coming Soon
The concept is quite simple and attempts to address the information management problem consumers are facing. The services offered cover the PC Desktop, Television and Cell phone. All of the devices store data on Yahoo servers so modification/addition of contacts on the cell will be stored for access from the PC. Photos taken with the phone can be uploaded and shared through Yahoo Photos which then is accessible through the TV and desktop. Also included is the Yahoo 360 blog and My Web 2. All of this is designed to push more web content to social networks.

What you can try now!
The good stuff hasn’t been released yet; except for some Nokia phones. You can download “widgets” for your desktop. The idea with the widgets was based on a company called Konfabulator that puts little HTML/XML “widgets” on your desktop. There are all sorts of options to play around with like webcams(stills), To Do lists, weather, clocks, battery meters, news, concert info, pictures, post its, etc. http://widgets.yahoo.com/

Several ideas come to mind like a desktop integrated search widget or daily specials/promos(think woot!) to picture viewer of exotic locations. What kind of widget would you want on your desktop? What about our customers?


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