World Cup or Technobabble…

I’m overdue for a good bunch of fun stuff to keep you distracted, but how can I compete with the World Cup and the Dallas Mavericks? Impossible, but I’ll give you some things to check out while waiting for the tip off or the next match.

Mac Book…and yes I’m a fanboy!
Apple has released it’s consumer laptop and it is pretty high speed. I’m not the only one that thinks its pretty slick check out Time and the WSJ’s Walt Mossberg. For around a thousand bucks you can get a fantastic machine. Here’s a link to the product page to check out the specs. If you consider buying on most of the reviews and comments suggest getting at least 1GB of RAM but preferable 2GB.

Silence is Bose?
Bose release the third version of their noise canceling headphones. They are smaller, lighter and feature a rechargeable battery. Plus there are some improvements over version two in the noise canceling.

Relational words in Javascript
Some of you may remember seeing something very similar to this a few years back. It is an interface to finding word relationships. Kind of like a Thesaurus and Dictionary on one page.

Firefox 2.0 Client Storage
The next version of Firefox is slated to have all sorts of new and exciting features. One of the features is “Client-side session and persistent storage”. There are two pieces to this that are pretty exciting. The first piece is having session storage for multiple windows from the same site. The example they use is buying airline tickets in two window and session information could “leak” from one window to the other causing problems. The second piece, and more exciting in my opinion, is the ability to store MB’s of data on the client computer. I can’t speculate on how that would/could benefit us, but there is a HUGE potential to allow for web-based applications to store data on the client computer. Target release is August.

Google Spreadsheets
Google just released a web based spreadsheet application. I would liken it to Excel but with less advanced functions. So Google has a great document writer (Writely) that is comparable and compatable to Word and now spreadsheets. Screens are attached. These types of applications are where the client storage will be useful! Now let’s think for just a second how much money would be saved if as a company we could use these applications for free. MS Office Pro is listed at $249 retail.

Sony UX50 UMPC(ultra moble pc)
A couple of months ago the first series of UMPC’s debuted. The idea was that these devices were going to be bigger than palm devices and smaller than laptops but function as a full fledged computer. In theory these things were supposed to be around $500. The Sony version comes in at $1,800. No one is sure how this thing is supposed to be any better than just using a laptop, especially for that price.

iPod Killer?
Reviews are coming in for the Toshiba Gigabeat S and it is being hailed as the first real competitor to the iPod. One advantage is the compatibility with Windows Media Center and other Microsoft goodies. I can talk about more than just Apple products!

Just for Fun – Soft Serve Ice Cream @ Home!
Because we all need one more gadget to clutter our counter tops, I bring you the $59.99 ice cream maker. It can make the non-soft serve style as well as sorbet, frozen yogurt, sherbet and slushes. I guess it won’t make the ice cream sandwich for you, but sounds like a good deal. It does come with recipes.

Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!


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