Time for some AJAX love

It has been awhile since I put a bunch of AJAX or Web 2.0 type links out there for you guys to play around with. This will be a good thing to play around with during halftime of the Cowboys game. You are going to watch the Cowboys game, right? Oh, well what about the Longhorns and Aggies? I digress.

GeoJoey.com Social Maps/Travel Tales
This is kind of like a third party version of what Sheraton has done on their site. You may recall people can post stories of their travels. Same idea here, but on a global scale and presumably unfiltered. Of course you can throw your two cents into the mix if someone misspoke or you want to share your own story. I’m not sure who actually trolls these things, but some of the stories were…zzzz.

This site has some pretty strange music and was built with Ajax and Flash. It doesn’t work well in Dallas due to our FIREWALL but if you want to freak out some people the version of Bethoven’s 5th with Surf Music is pretty cool. Or you can play all of the songs from the Beach Boys Pet Sounds album all at once!

Fun with CSS and Forms
There are some great examples of how people have used CSS to make forms more friendly or eye pleasing. There are some fun example and some examples that look pretty but don’t work with tabs very well. Have fun!

The Neverending Page
Have you ever been to a site and you have a bunch of content to sift through, but you hate having to click the next button to see more only to have found what you were looking for three clicks back? The idea here is that you have a page that you can see your search results and as you continue to scroll more content is served up and you just keep on scrolling. Good or bad who’s to say, but different to be sure.

Javascript meets Vector Animation
I have seen some interesting debates on the merits of using Javascript for animation, but this is a pretty interesting use of the code. The author is using vector images to animate some buttons. Now if he had any artistic skill it might actually look cool. Flash is still better in my mind but I gotta give the guys props.

Drawing in your Browser
Photoshop this is not, but if you need to make some simple doodles or more complex charts these guys made it pretty easy. There is a little bit of a learning curve if you have used other tools it feels harder than it should, but it is fun to play with.

Additional Links
Web based notes: Nottr.com and Helipad
Collaboration: Thinkature (Brainstorming tool)
Chat: Meebo (new updates!)
Post-its: StickyTag

Have a great weekend!


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