The finale – 2006

It is hard to believe that 2006 has nearly come to an end. So we’ll end the year on a light note and revisit a couple of sites from last year to see what might have changed. Plus one timewaster…

The ikea site that I sent last year was just amazing. The concept was a 360 degree spin around four or five different scenes with different ikea products. This newest version takes it a step further and is really quite fun to play with. Make sure you wait for everything to download. Make sure you turn up the volume! You’ll need it on the red room.

Last year you might recall that Borders had a really fun and engaging way to find gifts for the people in your life. The motif was a like a mix between a choose your own adventure and an elaborate Sabuda popup book. Rather than a self exploration idea, they have opted for a chat with different characters that fit a certain market. They still walk you through a series of questions that you have to answer specifically. Not too much playing around. I am disappointed that the process yielded results that were not exactly in line with the questions that I responded to. I somehow managed to get a Shakira CD and the Melrose Place DVD as recommendations…

Please don’t get me in trouble, but in the name of research one of our competitors has two games out there. I’m not sure the placement of the games is in the right spot and the game play is kind of cheesy, but we must do research. I cam in at a terrible 33.94 on the lobby run and over 60 seconds on the workout sneakoff.

And Finally…
Magic Missiles are from D&D and was a pretty popular tactic in the game from what I could find out.


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