Additional thoughts about Chrome

No doubt more thoughts will pop in my head, but something occured to me based on a presentation given by Brian Fling at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last spring. Brian’s presentation was titled “Mobile 2.0:
Design and Develop for the iPhone and Beyond
“. His presentation still rings in my head, curse you Brian Fling!

While Brian is deeply entrenched in the mobile space his points are interesting. One of the key points he makes in this presentation stuck out after my “Browser Wars: Part Deux?” post. On slide 205 he makes the point that popped into my head earlier tonight. As you know Google has a hand in the mobile space. In the next few weeks we’ll hear more details around their mobile device plaform Android.

Brian Fling was so excited about Webkit he could hardly contain himself. To be honest if I had been through the mobile development headaches that he has experienced I think I would be jumping for joy too. I’m starting to see the strategy more clearly. Apple and Google are betting on Webkit to be the multi device render engine while Firefox and Microsoft have taken a slightly different approach. This is interesting and will be fun to watch.

UPDATE: Looks like I was headed in the right direction after all. The Android browser and Chrome are both based on WebKit. (cnet via Engadget)


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