What’s up Facebook?

If you have been in Facebook recently you have no doubt seen the new design or at least the invitation to view the new design. There are plenty of opinions, good/bad/indifferent, about the new design, but the focus of this post comes from Internet legend Robert Scoble via ScobleizerTV. He takes a behind the scenes look at the new design and a little peek at what it is like to work there. Checkout the full video.

The interviewee is Mark Slee, Lead Product Manager at Facebook be sure to read his blog posts on the Facebook blog. It is always fascinating to hear how other companies manage their products. There were a couple of really interesting things that stuckout for me. First thing that was clear early Mark recounts the goals of the project. The goals were simple and straight forward. I know this seems pretty obvious, but they really boiled the intent down to something manageble and clear for the for whole team.

Another thing that stands out for me is the incorporation of user feedback and A/B testing. Facebook naturally has a user base that should be easy to tap into. Not all web products attract vocal users. I’ve been involved in more than one user study where we continually sweeten the pot to get statistical relevance. The A/B testing is really a cool idea. I’ll expand on this in the future but putting different concepts infront of your users to see what works for them can be critical to success. I’ve considered pushing for this in the past but the situations just didn’t work and we would have been forcing the issue unecessarily.

(Thanks for sharing JD)


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