Return of the Brainstorm

It would be impossible to put everything into one blog post that deals with brainstorming. There are tons of books on different approaches, benefits and even drawbacks of brainstorming. Since this is a followup to my previous post about brainstorming this week I felt compelled to share the results of the session.

The process we employed this week was spread over two days. The first day we threw out every good, bad or indifferent idea we could think of during the session. The fascinating part of this excercise is that you get some really interesting concepts and different ways to appraoch the task at hand. In retrospect I threw a copule of ideas out there that came out of left field. They were really a stretch, but it was good fun and interesting to hear the pros and cons from the other team members.

Day two was much more practical for our team. We came away from day one with a concept that we really wanted to explore further and see what kind of traction we might have with more time to work it out. There is a risk here. If we find that the idea doesn’t hold up we are in trouble. But we had the right brains in the room and were able to validate enough on Day 1 to justify further exploration.

By the end of Day 2 we had pulled our concept into a more workable form that will lead us into the next step of the process. It was a successful excercise and really proved beneficial to all in the room. We all walked away with a feeling that we really needed Day 2 to keep moving.


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