Microsoft Product Manager on Vista

The crew at MaximumPC managed to get an interview with a Product Manager on Vista. While this is a software product I think this is still a good read. During the interview they walk through some of the issues during the launch of Vista. I can’t provide an opinon on the OS itself as I’m not using Vista on any machines at my disposal, but the key here is the comments about the launch.

One of the luxuries we enjoy on websites is that the code is never “gold” there are always going to be changes. That doesn’t mean we don’t face launch dates, PR events, marketing communications etc. In this example it is pretty clear that Microsoft understood what went wrong, regardless of where the blame goes. This is one of the key things that we need to strive to do a better job realizing on the web.

I suspect that no matter what project development process you use there is some sort of post project wrap up at the end. This is one of the most difficult steps in the process because once it is live we are quick to transition to maintenance and many times we are knee deep in requirements on our next project.

[MaximumPC via Gizmodo]


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