iPhone and the state of the application (Part 1)

Apple’s iPhone has been out for more than a year and third party apps have been available for a few months now. When the SDK was announced last year there was a lot of buzz around application development. If you have been following the iPhone since it was first announced you might recall that web applications were the wave of the future and that is what the iPhone would support. Tom Yager from Infoworld pointed out that the web apps were not necessarily the way to go. He wasn’t alone as there were many application developers drooling at the prospect of running an app on the iPhone. Many thought Steve Jobs must have bumped his head on the way in to the Moscone Center.

At the time I was all for web based applications. It’s what I do for a living so naturally I was ready to get going from day one. I also liked this move because it challenged the traditional model for mobile application development. Surprisingly to some this turned out to be a positive move. Brian Fling and Daniel Applequist gave interesting presentations regarding Mobile Web at the Web 2.0 Expo this past spring. Both mention the influence of the iPhone in furthering the development of Mobile Web.

At the time of this post there are 2,472 web applications listed on Apple’s website. Many of the web apps are really well thought out. Even now I think there are still plenty of opportunities to improve on the web applications that are out there. Especially with the 3G connection on the newer iPhones and the fact that the 3G is going global.

Next time a look at iPhone apps.


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