What if Cars were websites?

I have a deep love for cars. From the time I was a little kid I used to quiz my dad on every “cool” car I saw. My dream car is a 49 Mercury chopped and dropped with flat black paint. If I can’t do that I’ll take a Porsche 911 GT3 RS…but I digress.

I don’t claim that I can cure the ills of the auto industry. Certainly GM and Chrysler are in dire straits and Ford is not far behind. But I wonder what life would be like if we looked at the insdustry from yhe approach we take when it comes to working on web products. So in the interest of science or just my fascination with cars, I’ll take a look at the big three and see what, if anything, we can conclude from this approach.

Generally speaking this is just a fun excercise and should be viewed with all due skepticism. Expect quite a few assumptions in the next few posts. You have been warned.


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