Is “Innovation” dead?

There is an interesting article in Business Week written by Bruce Nussbaum that is a great conversation starter. He asserts that the use of the term “Innovation” has essentially killed any value the word once held. He uses the term in a broad sense, not just in terms of a web product. His suggestion for replacing the term is “Transformation”. The focus would be on monetizing interactions in a post-consumer world.

I tend to agree with Bruce that the term is overused and implies that there can be a hefty amount of baggage that goes with the term. But I do not like the term “Transformation” this has a negative connotation in my mind and I would be resistant to this term. This sounds like a nice way of downsizing. Kind of like “redundancy” it sounds practical and impersonal.

Many of the comments are great and well thought out too. Siamak Salimpour points out that the “innovator” is not dead and must continue to do their job. Several others point that there changing the name isn’t going to do any good and you just have to educate everyone.

I like change as much as the next guy, but we have spent far to long trying to get the concept of innovation drilled into the marketers heads to switch things up on them.


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