So much for getting my feet under me

Just when I thought I was going to be right back in sync with writing everything flipped upsidedown and then back around again. The real story is actually quite simple. My focus switched from writing to job hunting. The short version is that Hilton Hotels Corporation, my then and current employer, was purchased by Blackstone Investment Group (press release) in 2007. The expectation was that changes would eventually happen in the organization and those changes took place earlier this year. I’ll not dwell on the impacts of those changes other than to say I was directly impacted in the group where I was previously employed. Hilton allowed employees affected by the change an opportunity to apply for internal jobs. Thus, I am still employed by Hilton Hotels Corporation.

That said the focus went from finding a job to learning a new one while getting a knowledge transfer from other employees that were truly amazing and patient. My current role is managing the transactional communications we send out. That means your confirmation emails, pre-arrival emails, post stay emails and a myriad of other “automated” emails are managed through my group. For a short time I managed the @hiltonhhonors Twitter account and Facebook page. It was our first foray into Social Media and I’m glad to have been apart of that. I owe Virginia Suliman (@virginiasuliman) a debt of gratitude for encouraging folks to help get things going.

You can expect any number of things but I will endeavor to keep the posts relevant to the world in which I operate which generally means if there is a topic connected to the Internet it should be fair game here.


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