Apple brings productivity to a crawl

Today was the big announcement that kept the tech blogs bubbling the last few weeks. Gizmodo, Engadget, TUAW, etc. speculated and tracked down rumors trying to eek out truth from fiction. Google News results are pretty lengthy but it wasn’t the announcement of iTunes 9, new shuffle, nano and iPod Touch or even the enhancements to the store that made my day.

To me the real story is the mythical status Apple has created for itself with these announcements. Rumors were pointing to the tablet, the Television or even the addition of the Beatles catalog. No doubt millions of people around the world were eagerly awaiting the news. Will they need to save their hard earned money for the latest and greatest? Will the Beatles officially be available with the original mono mix in the iTunes Store?

This event was really nothing more than a product line refresh that Apple has done consistently for years. The news today from any other company might have come from a press release, software updates and store updates. The Internet was brought to it’s knees as Twitter and Facebook slowed down according to John Scoble’s Twitter favorites. My attempts at keeping up via liveblogging from Gizmodo and Engadget left me less than satisfied. I’m sure a number cruncher somewhere will reveal how many millions or billions of dollars were lost during the hour and a half event.

Just for the record I was on my lunch break during the event.


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