Why my wife will never use Alice.com

Several weeks ago I read a blog post or Tweet from someone announcing Alice.com as the latest e-commerce shopping site around. Sorry to whomever announced it but it clearly didn’t leave a burning impression on my brain. Then this post from TechCrunch pops up via Twitter and so I had to make my way over to Alice.com again to see if anything changed. Clearly they know what they are doing and have a business model that appears attractive to the VC’s out in the valley.

I see this as a pretty neat opportunity to save a little money and at the same time “automate” some mundane tasks that would free up time for my wife to do other things. Just think of the quality time she could spend with me watching the Cowboys suffer another heart wrenching defeat instead of going to the grocery store. Okay, not really, but I would have less, “Can you pick up XXXX on the way home?” trips.

As cool as this tool is my wife will never use it. Not even consider it. Despite the apparent ease of use and cost savings it just isn’t for her. Although she began her career in a web services company she prefers the tangible to the intangible. Her preference is to us a day planner and physically write everything down. She has lists for everything. I think she made a list for me to boil water one time. The hurdle online companies face is that people like my wife are not motivated by time savings shopping online because the list management is fairly detailed and daunting. She compares, size, color, weight and price in the context of a grocery store. If an item is on sale when she happens to be in the store she may choose to purchase based on a price motivation, yet other times price will not win over quality.

I have not tried to figure out how she shops. I’ve been to the grocery store with her and have since been banned from ever doing that again. She appears to adopt some sort of Coast Guard search patter than flies in the face of logic. Truth be told my father used to do the shopping in my family when I was a kid and literally organized his list in the order it was laid out in the store. I mean from endcap to endcap his list was laid out like a map. I wish the Alice.com team the best of luck and perhaps one day the logic will exist to do some predictive analysis on the buying habits of my wife.


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