Get your information in order

twitterAccountThis post is geared toward a specific group at Hilton Worldwide, however, the content of this post applies to anyone looking to become further engaged in the Twitter-sphere.  The following is “constructive criticism” designed to help you improve your chances of being found by new followers.

Here is an image of the “Account” tab accessed through the “Settings” link at the top of your Twitter page. This tab is probably the most important feature available on Twitter. If you do not get this correct you are not going to be successful at building an audience in this environment.

1. Name: This is particularly important for hotels. Despite what Twitter says here if you are a hotel, your “real name” is the name of your hotel. Putting John Smith in this field means nothing but Acme Hotel Sandusky or Sandusky Acme Hotel means much more when someone is trying to locate you in Twitter Search. If you have a brand standard that has been communicated stay with the convention so customers can easily spot you as a true hotel.

2. Username: Be careful what  you enter in this location. In a perfect world the brand will supply a naming convention that will apply to all hotels in order to clearly identify who is who. You can change this after you create an account, but be mindful of changes here. You should not put your CITYHOCN or hotel code in this spot. Outside of your hotel this means nothing to rest of the world. Until a brand standard is communicated consider an abbreviation for the brand name with the name of your hotel. There are only 15 characters available here so you may need to be creative. Here is a long name for a hotel: Embassy Suites Hotel Crystal City – National Airport in order to condense this to 15 characters you will need to think creatively. Here is one idea: ESCrystalCtyDCA, the emphasis is on the location in Crystal City near the airport at DCA.

3. Email: Twitter requires a unique email address for each account. Do not use a personal email account for this spot. Enter an email address used at your property. Important updates and notifications will be sent to this address.

4. More Info URL: You absolutely must put the URL for your hotel in this location. Do not use URL shorteners either. Put the friendly URL or the long URL to your hotel here so followers can easily find your site from your Twitter page. This is crucial to helping your SEO value as well.

5. One Line Bio: You might consider this the “Master Tweet” about your property. It will always be visible on your page and should be a reflection of your property. With 160 characters you get to expand your bio beyond a typical tweet. Consider updating this bio as seasons change, new services are added, etc. In the following example location is the key to the bio:

We are in the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia. Just one mile from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport(DCA) & two miles from Washington D.C.

6. Location: There is quite a bit of talk around what might change here in the future, but for the time being this is really an empty text field. You know your location best and what customers are looking for. This field allows for 30 characters so use them wisely. Do not mislead in this spot. In the example of the Embassy Suites used earlier the city is Arlington in Virginia, however using Crystal City and DCA as key landmarks it may provide more value to visitors.

These are the basics of the “Account” tab. The next post will cover how these fields are used, especially in Twitter search results when people are trying to find you.


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