Can you be found easily in Twitter Search?

In the last post I suggested it would be a worth your time to update your account settings to better reflect the hotel rather than the person. In this post I’ll show you why it is a good idea. This starts in Twitter Search but extends into Google and other web search engines.twitterSearchResults

Let’s start with the example here. The first hotel listed here is pretty easy to identify. The blue text is the username and is the first point of recognition for anyone searching for your property. However, notice the second and third hotels here. Both use a hotel code to identify themselves. Customers are not going to recognize that even though directly beneath the proper hotel name is entered into the “Name” field.

All of those listed here show the importance of the “Location” field. In most cases the City, ST will suffice, but depending on the your location you may need to include additional reference points. In fact you could argue that including the city name twice is redundant. But generally speaking this is really a good cue for potential followers to verify they have the proper location.

One important distinction between Twitter search and the search engines is that Twitter uses your last Tweet for the description. The search engines do not display your tweets in search results. Next up we’ll look at the implications in Google and Bing and why you should really pay attention to what is included in your short description.


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