Twitter accounts in Google and Bing

twitterGoogleResultsIn a previous post I showed some examples of how you can properly fill out your profile in Twitter. The ultimate goal is to help people find you and verify that you are who you say you are. One way to start that process is in Twitter Search which uses your profile and tweets in the search results.

First up is Google, pictured here. The first thing you will notice is that the “Name” and the “Username” are listed together. Unlike Twitter Search the first label is the “Name”. In the parenthesis is the “Username” for the account. You can imagine how difficult it will be for someone to locate your account if you choose to leave the “Name” blank on your profile. It also appears that Google treats pages on Twitter the same as other pages on the web. Twitter typically sorts by the number of followers but Google does not.

Another thing to point out with Google is they do not use the latest tweet but use your “One Line Bio” to populate this area. You don’t want to skimp on the bio. Consider a good description of your property and the surrounding area. You can’t stuff keywords like the Meta Description on your website, but something a little more consumer friendly would work.

twitterBingNext up we’ll look at Bing/Yahoo search results. Notice the structure of the link is essentially the same. The “Name” is first followed by the “Username”. The search criteria likely played a role in the differences in the results. For both search engines I used the following criteria [doubletree]. The listings are largely the same.

One interesting result is the Doubletree Syracuse. In this example it is relatively easy to identify where this account it located. However, the same account is also on the example image used in Twitter search and it requires more effort to locate this account.

The key point is that the “Name”, “Username” and “One Line Bio” are critical elements that can not be overlooked in managing your account. By making some basic changes you can really help build your following by attracting the people that are actually looking for you.


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