Spam Sucks

I hate spam. I mean I HATE it! Spam is like the static that you can never get rid of on your favorite radio station. Spam is the dead zone for your cell that you hit without fail during an important call. Spam is like when you cut your fingernail too close making it painful to type.

When it comes to social media the “spam” I really despise is not the overt stuff. I block every user I think is a spammer. The real issue I have is the more covert stuff that suckers in so many people. Here is an example.

Giveaway! RT daily 4 chance 2 win [prod #1] + [prod #2]  every Friday!

In this instance the offending company is asking me to share this with all of my followers in the hopes that they will get more people to follow them. To what end? What purpose does this serve? To the group of people that have chosen to follow me it is more noise in their stream. Why would I do that to them? Doesn’t this reflect poorly on me? There is no value here to the people that follow me.

You might argue that this company is just using the tool to get it’s message out. This company is not doing anything to get me excited about their products or offerings. If they did then I would be more inclined to share the insight that this company has to offer. How is this any different than a cold call to your home when a company offers you a discount if you will just hand over five friends? Or the sweepstakes that asks for five email addresses so they can spam your friends? Or at large event the guys in clipboards that try to pry information out of you.

Let me be clear about one thing. I’m more inclined to accept this annoyance if this is a rarity for the sender. But the kicker is the company or user must contribute valuable, useful, timely content the other 99% of the time. Otherwise I wouldn’t have followed them initially and would certainly not recommend them to my followers.


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