2010 – Where is Roy Scheider?

I never really understood what Kubrick was after in 2001: A Space Odyssey. This despite writing a couple of papers on this back in the good ole days. Those papers were actually written in grad school as I was getting my feet under me with HTML back in 1996. Thankfully those papers appear to have fallen off the Interwebs.

In the “sequel” to 2001 Roy Scheider eventually saves the galaxy. I don’t know what sort of chaos would occur if Jupiter suddenly “turned on”, but the idea is pretty crazy. Given everything we contend with in our world it would certainly put some perspective on how small we really are. The recent news about at hole on the moon is crazy but then to put a base in there is wild. The thought of some poor astronauts setting off on an adventure across the galaxy to check out Mars is reminiscent of Columbus setting out for a short cut to the Indies.

We may not be labeled “explorer” as product managers but by definition we explore everyday. Sure it may not sound as exciting as sending someone to Mars, but we do have the opportunity to uncover something new or unique about our customers and how they interact with our business. Those little discoveries and micro trends fuel my desire to keep plugging along. So happy trails explorers let’s find some new territories in 2010.


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