The iWhatever is not what you think

I’ve had the pleasure of living through the mega-hype from Apple long enough to be cynical. That isn’t to say their products aren’t good, it’s just leaving me burned out. Every year we live through a couple of Apple fanboy lovefests and what do we get? Everyone talking about how awesome Apple is and that the rest of the tech world is lame and falls way short of standards Apple has created. All is not perfect in Apple land. There is an ongoing saga at Gizmodo trying to get faulty 27″ iMac fixed – I continue to hear issues with the iPhone. Issues with network AT&T and stability of the phone by Apple could be an issue. Others have complained about contacts that just go missing, apps that constantly freeze, the OS needed a hard reset to work properly. My point is that Apple is not walking on water here, they have issues like everyone else.

That is why I don’t really care about the iTablet, iPad or whatever comes out tomorrow. The hype machine Apple controls is doing it’s thing and all of the speculation doesn’t mean anything until the announcement tomorrow. Seriously, does it really matter who “guessed” the most accurate version of whatever will come out tomorrow? It means nothing to speculate. Other than selling some banner ads on your website, how could one monetize speculation? Once the product is revealed you are left with nothing since everyone will have the details. Plus, even if you knew exactly what was coming, why would you share this information with the world? You would be buried when big news picks it up.

Whatever happens tomorrow will only mean that a new product will be launched sometime this year and it might generate some cool ideas but what if this thing is the next AppleTV, Newton, QuickTake, etc…“`


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