iPad = iNot

Reflecting on the events of the day has been challenging. I'll collect my thoughts in a more organized manner as it relate to the iPad later. But I'm really having a hard time with the name of this thing. There are so many dumb jokes about the name it isn't worth my time to find or collect them. I'm sure in a day or two there will be no shortage of Twitter favorites, blog posts and linked directories that collate all of the offensive and immature humor related to the name. I hope there was intense debate about the name of this thing and it wasn't a situation where Steve Jobs walks in and says, "It's the iPad. We're done here." 

I also hope that the name is not firmly placed on any one individual so that the blame can be passed around like a cheap chew toy. Of all of the names bantered  about in the leaks this was the weakest one in my opinion. I could handle the iTablet, iSlate or even iPod Mega. The cat is out of the bag now but through the efficient hype machine the name somehow wasn't vetted properly. 

Buried in this collection of pre-announcment buzz:http://gizmodo.com/5434566/the-exhaustive-guide-to-apple-tablet-rumors are some of the names bounced around. The name iPad was getting trademarked in July 2009 but I wonder if the geeks on the rumor mill ignored it for the lame name. I would have and did as the rumor started showing up in my RSS reader. As much as Apple likes to position themselves as a "think different" kind of company, this name was not the strongest choice.

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