iPad and the Great Flash Debate

The news from Apple last week is still getting people worked up. Now that we have had time to digest the good and bad it is nice to see more thoughtful discourse entering the stream rather than emotional overreactions. I'm a big fan of Zeldman and he was my inspiration for pursuing web development as a career back in 1996-7 as I was finishing up grad school. I hope more people will take a look at things with a level head. You can find the post here.

I agree with his assesment. Developers have been short changing themselves for years when they do not approach Flash in the proper context. Flash is an enhancement to websites and not the website itself. Back in my agency days we had clients ask for Flash all the time because it was the hot thing and could provide more of a whiz-bang effect. Even then we had hot debates about the accessibility of Flash as the presentation layer. We realized even back in those days, despite what Adobe suggested, Flash as the interface was going to turn people off, limit accessibility, add complexity to dev, lose sales, etc.

Zeldman sees the iPad with the same mass market appeal that I do. This is not a techie device but a computer that is easy, stable (we assume) and "just works". I would think most tech junkies would embrace this so they don't have to play tech support for their friends and family.


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