My Twit-experiment

In the last post was hovering right around 1,000 followers and my expectation was that I would get a nice bump thanks to the iPad release and the fact that I'm pulling Engadget and Gizmodo  RSS feeds directly into my twitter stream. I really thought with all of the posts that would be sure to come my feed would pick up a bunch of followers. It didn't. To be sure there are new accounts that have been added and the number is hovering around 1,145. The number fluctuates up and down all day. No doubt people are following and unfollowing and spam accounts are surely getting purged from Twitter.

During this time I have taken to using the "RT" as well as the "retweet" feature to see if that makes a difference. It doesn't. I haven't seen any tweets from this account sent out using either method. So the traditional RT and the Twitter version have not proven to be effective at getting any more followers.

Another test I did was to see if I had any traction on a photo in my flickr stream. Nothing to exciting, but thought it would be nice to compare my personal stream to the spam stream. I had five clicks come through on my personal stream and zero on the spam stream.

My effort in this experiment is to show that number of followers don't really matter. So far that has proven to be true with no true interaction having taken place. I'm considering a few other ideas that could get the account killed so I'm holding off on those for now. So far numbers do not mean anything. Collecting numbers would seem to be a fruitless effort but will confirm that with a more targeted approach in the coming days.


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