If..but…I just…would you…awww

When it comes to social media I see examples all day long of businesses using social media as a broadcasting tool rather than a two way conversational medium. The clip above is a good metaphor of your customers trying to speak with you and yet you never give them the chance to talk to you directly. Imagine the impression you would leave on a customer if they called you on the phone and all you did was talk AT them. You certainly wouldn’t do that in person. Too often businesses treat social media as an extension of their “one way” digital marketing efforts.

Certainly there are opportunities to use social media beyond a conversation – where offers and marketing are included. But if your customers are looking for you on social media channels they are looking for a conversation not a banner ad. Businesses pride themselves on knowing their customers and the best way to do that is talk to them. Social media provides a fantastic opportunity to do just that. Listen, respond, ask questions, be involved in your customers lives. You’ll find that when you do they are much more likely to share your content in their social circles.

If you are still getting your feet under you this Guide to Twitter and this Guide to Facebook via Mashable.com are a great way to get started or revisit your approach.


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