Mmm, Cold Brew Coffee

Mmm, I just polished off my second batch of cold brew coffee. One of the best Christmas gifts ever if you ask me. Cold brew coffee is dead simple since all you need is 1lb. of fresh ground coffee, 9 cups of good water, a large container to 'brew', a filter and a storage container for the liquid gold. Rather than come up with some sort of Lifehacker version I opted for a simple system that does the same trick. Genius and the coffee is awesome.

I started thinking about something as I was contemplating the my next batch.Unlike regular coffee the cold brew process takes about 12 hours. You have to plan ahead for your caffeine fix otherwise you hit the coffee shop. This reminded me about things we have to wait for in life. Things like traffic lights, airplanes, responses to questions, vacation days, etc and they are all beyond our ability to control. Sure we can plan for traffic and adjust our route but I can't avoid hitting every red light between home and the office. I can arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure only to find that weather delayed my flight. Would yelling at the stop light change anything? Can the gate agent control the weather?

I've have to continually remind myself that getting stressed and frustrated at the things I am not able to control does more harm than good. This has been a great week for me to remind myself that being patient is part of the game and rather than get frustrated I can focus my efforts on things that are productive. Learning, reading, researching, planning and spending time with those I love have made all the difference. Life would be easier without having these moments but eventually my patience will pay off.


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