iPad, still a pass

This weekend was crazy. No, not with over zealous Easter Egg references or constant repeats of the Cadbury Clucking Rabbit. I think it must be official now, Steve Jobs is at least as big if not bigger than Jesus. Some reports put the number of iPads sold anywhere from 300k to 700k. My RSS reader blew a gasket with all of the blog posts about iPads. The thing is for the first time in, who knows how long, I could actually go out and get one if I really wanted to (thanks Uncle Sam). 

In my previous post on this topic I looked at some downsides from Gizmodo. Reviewing the list I still see some things that make me think twice about getting into the iPad and a few new ones that have come to light now that the iPad is in consumers hands. I don't think this is anything major, but I would like to see version two rumors in the coming months. 

No Camera
Whether this is a front facing or rear facing or both I still use several apps that can use the camera for things other than just taking pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. I have to believe that Apple is already planning that based on articles like this one. I'm okay waiting for the next version so I can get the camera. I don't personally have much use for a front facing camera and if that is all that is included I may consider the current version.

Light Computing
This is really a reference to the limited computing power needed for certain tasks that could not be accomplished on an iPhone or similar mobile device or where a computer is overkill. There are some times when using mobile safari on a small screen with the touch only keyboard is laborious. One could fire up the laptop and wait to get started but then you may not want to lug that thing around. I'm not yet certain that the iPad is going to accomplish my personal light computing needs. Anything work related is going to require a laptop for a number of reasons so that limits me. Others with a more open office environment may be in a better position.

Wi-Fi and 3G
Another point of interest for me is the availability of wireless versus an always on 3G connection. Certainly at home and the office I can use wi-fi but the problem gets more complex when you travel. I refuse to pay for wireless so I won't pony up for wi-fi on an airplane or in the hotel. That would render my iPad useless for productivity. Not a deal breaker but it forces people like me to think about where to get wireless connectivity.

I still believe that older people will really like this device because it is a simple computer. It kind of reminds me of the idea around Netpliance from the late-90's. It didn't have a touch screen but the product was a simple computing device to make it easy for people to get connected to the internet without dealing with the complexity of a full blow computer. The iPad is a 2010 version of that same idea and with the speed and portability I think there is great potential for the device. 

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