Being Optimally Social – How Not Talking about Your Product Can Bring Huge Rewards by @randfish & @SSpencer

Being Optimally Social – How Not Talking about Your Product Can Bring Huge Rewards

Rand Fiskin – @randfish
Stephan Spencer – @SSpencer

The Art of SEO – Mastering Search Engine Optimization
The Thought Leadership Payoff – How Sharing Knowledge for Free Can Make You a Lot of Money
Rand Fishkin – CEO & Co-Founder: SEOmoz

What thought leadership is not
A blogger with lots of readers

Characteritics – 
Expertise in the field – depth of knowledge
Awareness of the Ecosystem – knowing others in the field
Widespread Trust – nothing without trust
An accessible canon of work – must be on the web 

Examples of Thought Leadership
Fred Wilson  – 
Chris Dixon – 
Danny Sullivan –
Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan –
Meil deGrasse Tyson – @neiltyson

Direct Benefits of Thought Leadership
Social Media Traffic – Content with links is more popular for RT
Links turn into link popularity that then lead to rankings which lead to Quality Customers

Indirect Benefits of Thought Leadership
Persuasion – there are quirks to behaviour
Brand Awareness
Authority – value content
Social Proof – we take cues from other people and follow their behavior

A Roadmap for building thought leadership
Choose a format to share your knowledge – same location domain/sub-domain to get SEO value
Participate in your community – do things that are critical to having a community
Stay Humble
Meet Face to face
Don't promote yourself or your company – Trustworthy and not self serving
Be Patient

Being Optimally Social – Stephan Spencer
Social Media Powers your SEO

Digg – people with authority will share and add SEO value
Remove commercial links during intial swarm
Friend popular diggers

StumbleUpon force friends to stumble your stuff using "Send to" function in the StumbleUpon toolbar – they have to view the URL before they continue
YouTube – #2 Search Engine
Use as many tags as possible that are relevant and accurate
Use a good background
Cross post w/Tubemogul
Run contest and get popular users to enter ex: Intuit's "Tax Rap" contest
Be creative but unpolished
Not just the user, but also their subscribers/followers

You need an impressive number of friends
Long page loads will drive traffic away

More time on site than Google
Must have pages for brand/company
Status updates use to corss-post tweets
Define a username
Create Groups for your events
Develop a fan base
add the "like" widget to your site sidebar
Create a FB app

Add links to your website, blog and one other URL
Add LION or two to your network
Add email address to your "professional headline" so folks don't wast "InMail" 
Post a "question" to Answers

Always use tags, as many as possible, that are relvant
Make descriptive titles
Create thematic sets
Links on profile, set and collection pages are not followed
If location specific use geo-location
Creative Commons – define use

Dangerous place to play

Social Sites that pass Page Rank
Propeller, MyBlogLog, Technorati, etc.

Get involved via comments and build rapport
Careful about keyword rich commenter names
Mark Cuban and Rimm-Kaufman Group pass link juice

Compendium Blogware and Scibe Plugin for WordPress add feedback for keyword richness for SEO during composition

Good way to pass links

Badges & Widgets
ex: How many 5yr olds could you take? via sharing

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