Crucial Mobile Analytics for Marketers – Matthew Langie #w2e

Crucial Mobile Analytics for Marketers

Matthew Langie – @mattlangie
Director, Product Marketing 

The future is…Online Analytics
Web -> Mobile ->Social Media -> Video
How does mobile perform as a channel in this context

Quick Stats on Mobile
Ad Revenue expected $13 billion by 2013
WW Mobile Subscribes 5.8 Billion subs by 2013
Mobile Video Viewers expecting 70% growth from last year
Mobile saw substantial growth in 2009

Smartphone vs. PC
Smartphones will outship PC's by 2012

Strong growth in apps is expected
2010 downloads 4.5 billion w/ $6.8 billion in revenue
2013 downloads 21.6 billion w/$29.5 billion in revenue

Likely Interview Question…
Every Second… 4 Babies Born in the US
Every Second… 37 Mobile Phones are sold

Primary Mobile Segments
Mobiles sites –
Mobile apps – defined experience in an app environment

Mobile Value Proposition
Measurement – Collect the right data ex: CNN and eTrade
Analytics – Segmentation and make data driven decisions
Optimization – Compelling Experiences

What can you measure with mobile?
Devices & Attributes – Mobile device, manufacturer, screen size/width/height, cookies, images, color depth, video, audio
Unique Visitors – First time, repeat, segmentation, location
User Experiences – Time spent on site/app, pathing, video use, conversion

Quick Wins – Content & Site Section
Business Questions: Most popular pages? How deep do visitors go in mobile site? Which mobile pages most frequently influence success?
Metrics: Page views, Time on site/page
Key wins: Optimize site design/navigation, Improve site usability, stronger content affinities in site

Quick Wins – Campaigns
Business Questions: Which campaigns drive the most traffic to my site? Do mobile efforts outperform other campaigns? Do mobile efforts
Key Wins: Increase ad spend effectiveness, Increase email/newsletter effectiveness, Identify which paid partners drive the most traffic

Apps, apps, and more apps…
What features generate highest engagement? Promote the most engaging features to increase key conversion. Low use but high engagement should be surfaced to users.
What app platforms should I develop for? Apple, BB, Android, Nokia, Palm, etc. Look at the devices users are using to access your sites then determine app development options
Which app versions are most engaging? Tracking versions to see if there are changes in user behavior

Quick Wins – Measure App Success
Business Questions
Key Wins

Success Stories
uLocate – Where mobile app
Improved reporting system to measure apps from one place
Ability to deliver more relevant movie experiences
Understanding of engagement across multiple mobile platforms

NBC Universal – Blu-ray app
Integrated blu-ray video, iPhone app
Measuring 5 different apps

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