The future of web performance optimization: WPO – @souders #w2e

The future of web performance optimization
Steve Sounders – @sounders

Slides available here:

Speed is the future of web apps
Fred Wilson

Bing and Google test different page speeds and noticed significant user behavior changes, even after the study ended
Yahoo did a similar experiment 5-9% drop

Mozilla saw 15.4% increase but cutting 2 seconds off page load

Drives traffic
Improve UX
Increase revenue
Reduces costs

Top 10 predictions
10. Fast by default – CMS rails python cloud, js libraries, browsers, servers, proxies
9. Visibility into the browser -JS, CSS, paint, DOM
Speed Tracer
8. Consolidation tools, metrics, services
7. TCP, HTTP SPDY, pipelining, resource packages
6. Standards terminology, timing, benchmarks, testing
5. Industry organizations groups, standards, training, co-ops
4. Data performance archive, network params, DNS, cache
3. Green shopzilla cutting servers, Netflix cut bandwidth, power consumption, carbon footprint
2. Mobile metrics, long poles, root causes, solutions, tools evangelize
1. Speed is a differentiator devices, vendors, reviews, loyalty

P3PC(Paid 3rd Party Content) -Ads
sites are faster, but 3rd party content is growing
frag tag
Browser disk cache



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