Friday Fun: The Second Comeback…maybe

The last time I sent a Friday Fun email was, well, I can’t really remember but it was a long time ago. There has been so much happening in the world of the web I felt convicted to get back in the saddle and try sending out a few things that caught my eye this week.

Mobile On the Rise

This recent blog post was really pretty interesting and thought some of you interested in mobile might find compelling as well. The CDC, yes that one, released some stats on homes with mobile only. Of interest is that nearly 25% of the US has ditched their landline service. When you add to that stat another 15% of the US receive almost all of their calls on their mobile it really shows how pervasive mobile technology has become. It is also worth noting that the nearly 50% of adults aged 25-29 are wireless only.


Touch the Web

Touch enabled websites are expected to hit 1.1 million by the end of 2010. These numbers are revised from an earlier report that expected touch sites to hit a million by the end of 2011. That is a pretty big jump. Consider the number of touch capable devices that can interact with web objects and the trend should continue. We are not just limited to phones. Now there are screens like the ones in use at some Courtyard by Marriott properties.


Google Moderator API

This might be a little more technical than most of you but I’ll try to keep it simple. Google Moderator is a community site where users can set up polls, suggestions, feedback, etc in a moderated forum. Similar to how to how My Starbucks Idea works. Using the API from Google you can now create your own site using their system. Starbucks is using for their implementation. You can see a sample that I created here without using the API.

Don’t Be A Square, Get Hip

I think I heard that phrase on one of my parents’ old records. Square is a company founded by one of the Twitter guys is using a little device that plugs directly into your phone so you can accept credit card payments. This is a great option for small businesses to reduce the overhead for processing credit cards and gives a loyalty function for repeat customers. It is an interesting idea and challenges the traditional retail model. Similar to how the Apple stores do not have cash registers, but people walking around the store that can process your payment for you.


Web Pages On The Desktop

This story is for Mac users, but those on PC’s may recall the Microsoft version called Active Desktop. The idea is pretty simple, you have a portion of your desktop that includes a live website that you can interact with. In this blog post TUAW reviews a solution for the Mac OS that is a little different, but offers some nice features.

Charge Up!

If you are an iPad owner you already know that your iPad requires a stronger electrical output than a standard USB port can support. The solution is a charging system that will allow you to charge and iPad and an iPhone at the same time. To be fair this is not specifically for either Apple device, but any device that has those type of USB charging requirements.


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