Friday Fun: Early Edition Happy Memorial Day!

I think summer has officially arrived in North Texas which means pool time and grilling out. Enjoy a long and relaxing weekend. 

Google Latitude – Location History
Location services are a hot topic and you can't escape Foursquare and Gowalla. They aren't the only players in the location space and Google has been steadily releasing updates to their services. The latest update keeps track of you location and will even visualize your history on a map. It sounds kind of like big brother but if you enable alerts you will be notified when others are nearby. (via Gizmodo via TechCrunch)

Google Wave – Live Blog
Since Google Wave was released I've been trying to find an excuse to actually use the tool. ReadWriteWeb used Wave to do a live blogging event. The guide they created is pretty interesting and I seems quite fitting for covering a live event. I'd have to look but I suspect there are some interesting Wiki applications for Wave. 

New Facebook Privacy Update
If you haven't heard about the updates this week there is no shortage of sites and blogs running down the update. Facebook has their own overview and Lifehacker provided some additional clarification on what these changes mean and how to control your content. (via Consumerist)

Run, Run, Run
My wife has started training for a 1/2 marathon and she is starting to figure out that not all music is ideal for running. That is where Cadence comes in. Using your iPhone you can set your beats per minute (BPM) and the app will only play music that fits your preferences thereby taking the work out of creating your own playlists or listening to so-so music from a running podcast. (via TUAW)

I need more power
Several months ago there was a concept floating around that would allow you to use a standard wall outlet and put USB ports on the plate. Well, the real version is going to be a little more expensive but safer and still allows for standard plugs too. You can charge two low power devices or one high power device via the USB plugs. (via Engadget)

IHG Testing Cell Phone as a Key
News of IHG testing out the use of a cell phones as the door room key made some waves even in the tech blogs. USA Today posted the story first and has some interesting comments on the idea. Concerns about technical glitches, safety and loss of customer contact were balanced by those that just want to get in a room or try out something new. Gizmodo Mashable

Apple News
If you know me you know I dig Apple the news that their market cap recently passed Microsoft was not totally surprising but seeing the MSFT has lost 1/2 of its market cap since Ballmer took over was surprising. If you are considering an new iPhone you might want to wait a couple of weeks. Rumors are floating around that the 4th Generation is on the way. DO NOT buy the 3G version currently on sale for $100 at Wal-Mart. 

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