Friday Fun: Great Week to kick-off summer

Dog days of summer hit this weekend in Dallas with temps over 100. I get to go to the Indy Car race taking place this weekend and should get to meet Marco Andretti. It's not the World Cup, but I'm really excited. Not a fan of racing? How about the World Cup or NBA Finals? Perhaps hanging by the pool with fresh stuff on the grill? Enjoy the weekend.

Phone Controls on Door Locks
Last week I mentioned the IHG plans to test out the use of specialized locks on hotel doors. The news hounds at Engadget dug deeper and found some video that shows how the locks actually work. 

Düsseldorf Lux Hotel Has it Right
These pictures via Hotel Chatter, look like they really thought through an gadget lovers dream room. Not only do you get the slick power panel with ideal connections but also touchscreen controls for lighting. 

Steve Jobs at D8 Conference
For fear of sounding like a fanboy I'll defer to John Battelle and his assessment of the Steve Jobs 90 minute Q & A at the D8 conference. I was reminded this week about the passion for what we do and how much we miss sharing and debating in the middle of that passion. Hard and challenging projects full of passion are so much more rewarding that just lumbering though another project. 

…and I mean that. Watching Jobs work his way through nearly 90 minutes of interview and audience questions, I really felt, for the first time, a sense of how strongly the guy feels for his work and his products. Then again, I found myself angry, several times

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Bond. James Bond.
Huge deal on a 007 Collection on Blu-ray. Normally this is $300 but now available for $99. It isn't ALL of them, but if your a fan it will keep you busy for awhile. If my dad had a Blu-ray player and a decent TV in his present location in the ME I'd be tempted to hook him up. But if I were a good son, or at least really rich, I could provide the ultimate Bond gift.The original 1964 Aston Martin DB 5 from the movie is expected to fetch $5 million at auction. I'm pretty sure my dad would be good with a regular old DB 5.

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