Friday Fun: New iPhones and Oil Leaks

World Cup mania is kicking into full force for many starting today. If you don’t follow soccer or really care then you should unsubscribe now. I’m kidding of course, but this is a major sports event and if you can’t get into the early round games wait until the real drama kicks in as we get closer to the final match. So before you check out for a weekend of futbol or fun here are a few stories to keep you movin’.

BP has a HUGE Mess
You already know the oil spill in the Gulf is a major environmental disaster. The thing that gets lost in news reports is the massive scale of the oil spill. Leave it to an ingenious mashup that pulls the location data of the oil and Google Maps to help with providing scale. The beauty of this site is that you can enter any location in the world and see how the spill measures up. Try it for yourself or try New York, LA, Memphis, Dallas or Honolulu. Context is everything.

iPhone 4
Apple revealed their next generation of the iPhone this week at their developer conference. Surely by now you have seen or heard about the new hardware and if you really want to read up on what is new I would suggest Engadget, GDGT, TUAW and Michael Gartenberg. However, I suspect many people will really be interested in what all of the mumbo-jumbo is all about. A few points are below that may be helpful when considering your next computer phone.


1. It will be fast, your apps are going to load quickly and run faster

2. Screen will look great and will be easier on the eyes

3. Camera is much better and includes a flash & also does HD quality video (720p)

4. Battery life is much better

5. Reception should be better 

6. It is thinner than the current iPhones
7. You can now have a video call with a front facing camera

Foursquare Mayor Backlash
Consumerist posted a story about a frustrated consumer trying to take advantage of ‘mayor’ special offer. Foursquare allows users to “check-in” at a location using their phones. The person with the most check-ins becomes the mayor. The service is a bit of a social game, but Foursquare has allowed businesses to post special offers to those that check-in or even better deals for the mayor. It is kind of hard for a customer to become mayor if the employees are constantly checking into a location. I suspect we’ll see more headaches with mayor and saturation of offers in the coming weeks.

Twitter URL Shortener
The news from RWW is that Twitter is going to convert all links in the Twitter eco system to use their shortener. The value for Twitter is that in order to help collect link value across their ecosystem they force everything into their environment. Twitter will also have more control over nefarious links to help keep users safe. They are still going to allow URL shortening services like but the writing may be on the wall for shortening services that want to play in the Twitter ecosystem. currently offers an Enterprise package for $995/month.

Desktop to iPhone App
This app, My Phone Desktop, sounds like a really useful tool for transferring information from your desktop to your iPhone. They aren’t doing anything that can’t be done in other ways they just make it easier. Below are some examples of the type of information you can send from your desktop to your phone. One advantage is that this service is cloud based so you can access the service on any computer. Another nice feature for multiple iPhone households (I’m guilty, we have three…don’t ask) you can select different devices that will receive the content. via TUAW

  • the URL will open in Mobile Safari
  • the directions will open in Maps
  • the video will open in the YouTube app
  • your iPhone will start a call to the number you designate
  • the picture can be saved to your iPhone photo library
  • text is copied to the clipboard

GoGo Inflight Wifi Discount
Gizmodo posted a discount for the GoGo wifi service. They have two codes 25% off your flight or you can save $5 off the 30-day package. Good through July 10, 2010.

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