Friday Fun: Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day! I'm personally looking forward to a relaxing Sunday with my family. Last night as I said goodnight to my kids my youngest says to me in a half-awake exhausted whisper, "I love you dad." That moment of sincerity is what makes being a dad so awesome and makes me wonder if I was able to provide the same emotional connection with my dad when I was younger. Here's to dads! 


Kindle case that needs to have an iPad version
One of my complaints about iPad cases is that none of them allow for a notepad. Even these "cool" looking cases highlighted in Mashable lack a notepad. There are some rigged ones that look cheap and hacked. This case for the Amazon Kindle is perfect. Yes, I know you can use the iPad for typing notes, but sometimes you just need some paper to scribble a quick note or sketch an idea out without getting too digital. I'd be all over an iPad version of this case. via Gizmodo

Buy a Hyundai, get an iPad
If you are in the market for a new car the Hyndai Equus is the "luxury sedan" that come with an owner's manual on a 16GB iPad. I think it is a nice option for a higher priced car to include a device like this that can include videos of how to use the features of the car. I've seen some recent car manuals and they are getting out of control. I know this is a gimmick but it would be even better to include the iPad as the multimedia hub. via Engadget

Gift for Dad? Not
Yes this is a bad idea, but so campy it might earn bonus points for a good laugh. Nothing screams high class like a drool stain on a tie. I've never understood why you would get give a tie as a gift for Father's Day, but maybe that is because my dad was in the Army and didn't really have a need for ties. via Gizmodo

People Migration
It is always fun to see how people will visualize data and the folks at Forbes have taken a look at the migration of US Citizens based on county. You can see the number of people coming and going to different counties across the country. Lots of red indicates more people moving away from a county. Try taking a look at New York. Lot's of red. via swissmiss

3D Movie glasses are gross
In what is surely no surprise to anyone a study was recently done on the glasses movie theaters provide movie goers going to watch 3D movies. The big alarm is that they found the virus that causes staph infections on of the pairs of glasses tested. When you think about all of the other surfaces you are sharing with your fellow humans the risk of getting some infectious disease is going to be the same as if you weren't wearing the glasses. So bring wipes or sanitizer if that is your thing, or just save a few bucks and skip 3D movies. via Engadget


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