Friday Fun: Rocky Mountain High

This week was interesting on several levels as the team headed to Colorado Springs. The picture above is from the Garden of the Gods Park. The real highlight of the trip was visiting the US Olympic Training Center where our Olympic athletes train. I also found it humorous that the radio personality giving an update on the weather talked about the "oppressive" summer sun as the forecast high was 94 degrees with virtually no humidity. I don't think that guy would survive Dallas summers.

iPhone 4 Release
The big news of the week was the release of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone OS4 update. If you have an iPhone 3G S you will enjoy many of the same features with the OS update. I have really come to appreciate folders and switching apps is faster than ever. But what good is an iPhone without a good case. If you're looking for something that will truly separate yourself from everyone else a custom engraved bamboo case will really do the trick. via Gizmodo

An iPad in Every Room
The Plaza hotel in NYC is going to offer iPad's in every room beginning in September. The app will include in hotel services but also include destination guides and news services. They are using the Intelity product ICE to power the iPad app. via HotelChatter

Speaking of the iPad
Malaysia Airlines is rolling out iPads in kiosks for check-in or even to purchase a flight. They used their existing iPhone app as a baseline and built some additional features. So even if you aren't headed to Kuala Lumpur anytime soon you can download the iPhone app to see how it works. via Engadget

Notable Browser Annotations
That headline might be a tad simplistic but the goal of Notable is to allow users a way to review and comment on websites. We've all been in a meeting where someone likes a feature or design element on website and struggles to explain what it is or how it works. This tool will allow annotations and feedback but not just to visual elements. You can comment on the code, SEO and even copy points. via Swissmiss

Flickr is Better
Flickr is testing out some new page designs that include larger images. It is interesting to see where they are choosing to emphasize features that were more difficult to get to in the existing version. via Gizmodo

Here's Steve Mesler's Gold Medal

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