Friday Fun: Short Week Comes to an End

Short work weeks just make the remaining days in the week that much more intense don't they?  Looking ahead to the weekend involves indoor soccer, serving breakfast to our neighbors and hopefully some quality time by the pool. 

iPhone 4 Bumpers
Apple sells their iPhone 4 bumper ($29) which by all accounts is a nice but other creative geniuses have found some alternatives. You can go the cheap route (FREE) and make it yourself using a wristband. The DIY set loves the simplicity in this approach. At the other end of the spectrum is the Vapor 4 ($80-$100) which is engineered specifically for the iPhone and the antenna issues. Something for everyone. 

Fun in Advertising
We all know targeting in advertising is not new but now that Apple is rolling out iAds the targeting capabilities of the platform are interesting. Apple will leverage location and iTunes purchase habits among other data points to help connect advertisers with potential customers. If you prefer to limit the targeting capabilities you can direct your OS4 capable device to to opt out. /via TUAW

Bounce App for Notations
Don't you wish there were a really easy way to just scribble notes all over a webpage and provide feedback rather than having to take a screenshot and save out images. Bounce is a web based application is similar to Notable that was mentioned a previous post. But rather than get down and dirty with the code this is a pretty simple way to add notations over a screenshot and share with others directly in the browser. /via Swiss-Miss

Google Wants to Travel
News dropped on July 1st that Google will acquire ITA Software for $700 million. There is quite a bit of speculation as some industry types try to figure out what will happen in the coming months. The deal still has to be evaluated by the FTC but is certainly going to shake things up in online travel.

PB&J in a can? 
I have seen the burger in a can and unappealing as that was the Candwich sounds equally as bad if not worse. This idea popped up as the SEC is suing Travis L. Wright for taking investors money and redistributing the money for other ventures. Hopefully this will not be coming to a store near you. /via Gizmodo

Vino Vending in PA
Pennsylvania is testing out vending machines that will serve up the fruit of the vine. The fun doesn't stop there. In order to purchase the wine you must blow into a Breathalyzer. You don't want drunk people buying more wine right? I just imagine some dude in a suit looking ridiculous as he has to blow into this giant contraption. The end is nigh.

iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo
You may have come across the story of the Best Buy employee that posted an animated video that mimics a customer/employee exchange where the customer is dead set on an iPhone 4. The clip is humorous and a bit crass but despite not mentioning Best Buy the employee was suspended then reinstated only for the employee to consider other options after the kerfuffle. What would have happened if Best Buy just left it alone? /via Gizmodo


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