Friday Fun: Zoom Zoom

Perhaps you thought I was going for some sort of Mazda reference but you'd be wrong. The zoom reference is related to Google's decision to get higher resolution detail when you zoom in on Google Maps. Google isn't the only one that does this sort of thing so below you'll find some other services that provide greater detail.

Google Maps at 45 Degrees
Google recently added some flyovers for select cities around the world. Here is a link to Venice, Italy. The fun doesn't stop there, once you find a spot you wish to explore you can see the same location from different angles. To change the angle of view you need to move the "N" box in the upper left corner of the map to a different position on the compass. /via Read Write Web

Bing Can Zoom Too
Truth be told Bing has had this feature for a long time and was one of the standout features of Bing Maps. In fact I mentioned in a Friday Fun post in November 2006. Here is a link to Hanauma Bay on the island of O'ahu in Hawaii. 

Apple Like Mapping
You know by now that there is a great map service on the iPhone which uses Google Maps. There were reports this week that Apple bought a company that created a web based 3-D mapping service Poly9. Their corporate site is down, but you can see some of their capabilities via their product page. Last year Apple also bought a company called Placebase that has a different mapping service. So changes are surely coming to how Apple uses maps.

In-N-Out Burger Secret Revealed
I don't have a skin in the game when it comes to In-N-Out Burger. It seems like every left coaster I come across swears they can't find a decent burger unless they get it from In-N-Out. There are much better burgers out there but I digress. Some NYC chef claims to have figured out the secret to the making the burger tasty. If this is so top secret then why is a chef talking about it rather than some jilted ex-burger flipper? /via Consumerist

Monitor Arm an Ergonomic Wonder
When I saw this recent post from Gizmodo I immediate thought about my ghetto rigged monitor stand. My solution was inspired by @richclayton who used reams of paper to raise the height of his monitor. I use paper trays but I could easily be convinced to use this monitor arm from Humanscale. Now if only they had a matching arm so I could park my laptop right next to it. /via Gizmodo

I don't have anything super cool but felt obligated to supply something Mazda related. A bit dated, but it's Mazda.

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