Friday Fun: Easy Distractions

This week I'm wrapping up one opportunity and about to start down a new path. Rather than unload a bunch of techie news I thought it would be fun to travel back in time and remember the mid 2000's. You do know that Internet time is like ten times faster than dog years, right? I'll revisit a couple of old posts from 2006 with a fresh update on the strange but fascinating obsession by some to keep Space Invaders going. 


The True Origin of Tetris
The illustration available here was available as a Threadless t-shirt, but I thought it was pretty funny. I suspect someone with a cease and desist letter asked the shirt to be removed, but you can still enjoy the picture. /via Gizmodo


The True Origin of Tetris – Lego Style
Why stop at an illustration when you can get 3D with Legos. It amazes me how quickly people can take a simple concept and morph that into any number of creative interpretations. /via Gizmodo

Oh, you want to play Space Invaders
We have you covered there too. Sure you can find a flash version, that easy, but the real trick is building the game in HTML.Thats neat, but you say you can't play that on your iPad since you need the keyboard and you haven't bought one yet. No problem, you can get the table top version(iTunes) of the game for your iPad. /via Swissmiss & Gizmodo

From 2006…
Here is an excerpt from an old Friday Fun blog post from a few years back since were on the topic of Space Invaders.

If you know someone that actually thinks the graphics from the old Atari 2600 is gaming at its finest then you can wrap up the Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii in wrapping paper with Space Invaders graphics on the paper. Luis, back in the old days we used to play games on a console with fake wood paneling. Oh, and those are switches and they really did work…most of the time.

I love wrapping paper as much as the next guy, which is not much at all, but if I had to get some it looks cool. In a follow-up Friday Fun blog post there were some other fun items that made the cut. 

Remember the Space Invaders wrapping paper? Who knew there was a whole cottage industry around the classic game? I’m always on the lookout for some great cufflinks…just kidding. I’m looking for some new coasters for the office. Perhaps I should bust out a jean jacket from the high school days and add some buttons. Ahh, the perfect birthday gift for my non-gamer wife! I can’t read Japanese but I’m sure Bob will want eAdvantage and e-Events ready soon enough, but until then I’ll dream about this alarm clock. I was thinking though, our master bedroom could really use something…unique. Since I mentioned the fresh kicks from Converse there must be some shoes out there and sure enough here they are! Of course you can find t-shirts and tape. All because the game is now 25 years old, all things old are new again.

The Internet is awesome and weird at the same time. If you can dream it up someone, somewhere has made a product with Space Invaders. It is scary to think that people might actually buy this stuff. I suppose that nostalgia breeds demand for junk that never would have sold back in the 80's. To each their own.


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