Friday Fun: Special Saturday Edition

Someone had their finger on the Fast Forward button on the time machine Friday. I know I wasn’t alone since I was in the elevator with three other colleagues that had a full day as well. So this is a Friday Fun written on Saturday and most of you will see this on Monday. 

Designing for the iPad
This post from Derek Powazek offers some insight and learnings from their iPad app development. It is interesting to see how others are not only designing but their evaluation of the how to interact with the iPad. For a more intense design debate this post gets way deeper. /via Swissmiss


Apple files for Travel Patent
Some blogs reported on a new patent application that Apple has filed that provides an outline for an application for use on a “portable electronic device” that would incorporate a number of hotel services like check-in, check-out, room service, room controls, etc directly into the application. These patent applications may discourage developers and vendors like Intelity that are already offering similar services. It may also force larger companies to look at their own custom solutions and evaluate if patents should be submitted to protect their IP. I find it interesting that, according to The Register, the applications were filed late last year and their interest in engaging larger organizations.  /via ReadWriteWeb & Gizmodo & The Register

Yahoo use Flickr for Travel Planning
I think there is something really valuable with the research produced by Yahoo. Their researchers used the photos on Flickr and the times the pictures were taken and build a travel plan for some locations. Really interesting to see [pdf] how existing data can be re-purposed for a new use. /via All Things D & WSJ

RFID and Conferences
Use of RFID chips is becoming more pervasive and there are still plenty of people that question the security of the technology but at a recent Hacker conference the attendees badges were embedded with an RFID chip and the attendees were encouraged to hack them. The future may indeed include badges or mobile devices that can help users keep track of their new contacts, seminar attendance and much more. /via Gizmodo

Tron is Coming Soon
I admit I’m really excited for the Tron remake. I have some fond memories seeing the original with my cousin when I was around eight years old. This bike is a custom bike originally build in the 1930’s. I’m also a huge fan of art deco but this is a beautiful bike. End of line. /via Gizmodo & Knucklebusters



Space Invader Couch
 I wasn’t kidding last week when I said you could find a just about anything to do with Space Invaders. /via Gizmodo

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